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    From online telecom publisher cellular-news. Here are some excerpts:

    "Early consumer reaction to the Palm Pre launch was one of several issues looked at in a March 17-23 ChangeWave survey of 4,292 cell phone owners, which also focused on the consumer impact of Apple’s just announced iPhone upgrades.....

    Our survey has taken a close-up look at the early demand trends for the 2009 Palm Pre launch, and compared them to the early potential demand for both the RIM Blackberry Bold (2008) and the original Apple iPhone (2007).

    Note that in each comparison we were looking at all consumers, not simply those purchasing in the next 90 days:A total of 1% of consumers say they’re Very Likely and 4% Somewhat Likely to buy the new Palm Pre in the future. This compares to 4% Very and 13% Somewhat Likely before the 2008 RIM Bold launch, and 5% Very and 11% Somewhat Likely before the 2007 original iPhone launch.

    Who are the most likely buyers of the new Palm Pre? Current Palm customers of course, with 14% saying they’re Very Likely and 23% Somewhat Likely to buy the new model. Beyond existing Palm owners, the Pre also shows the potential to attract customers from some competitors, particularly Sanyo (3%) and HTC (3%)."

    There's a lot more. Here's the link:

    Consumer Demand Steady for IPhone, BlackBerry - But What About the Palm Pre?
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    I'd like to see those statistics after some advertising...
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    i haven't read the survey, but I would assume most people have no clue what a Palm Pre is. After a good amount of advertising, I figure it'll sell a few million with no problem and will take a year or two to catch up to the iphone.
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    Thanks for the article, very interesting read.
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