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    it is good they are at least displaying the name of the phone now. I think they started this around Wednesday or Thursday last week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B-model View Post
    small change to the WSJ add. now says ' palm pre' on the bottom left of the phone


    (ps sorry didn't psot in other wsj threads. could locate while on train)
    Took care of that one. Merged two other WSJ threads.
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    Find is huge for me, I use it all the time. Splash Money and calendar are examples of where I use find almost daily. My 755P does not have a second shift and I have missed it. I'm excited for the Pre, but Palm should pay attention to those nifty small features that have kept their core customers repeaters. Come on Palm. We don't want an 8. Give us a 12! Who really cares when the Pre will be released, just make it right, the first time.
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    Took care of that one. Merged two other WSJ threads.
    Thank you
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    Here's the ad featured in the WSJ on Friday, 4/17:

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