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    no foolin'. Seriously, you've seen how many of my posts and don't think I understand that? it was a slightly rhetorical. It was more of a point that someone was equating the Bold screen as antiquated. Even with media capabilities, not everyone wants a full screened device with an extra slider or no physical keyboard. Many like the thumboard style. Some like flips. It's all preference and has nothing to do with being old tech..
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    Because Web browsing and media playing is done so much more on mobile devices now, and the bigger and higher quality the screen you have, the more enjoyable it is.
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    Hopefully when the developer support is opened up some crafty person will make an app that will make the pre work with <ugh> lotus notes?
    I've often wondered how he was using notes on a palmos device. I assume that he had Good Mobile Messaging.

    But Palm in their infinate wisdom didn't invite GMM to the table at all about the pre. Good didn't get an SDK from palm untill just a few days ago. Probably the same time they gave it to all the soduko developers....

    Why they wouldn't include there previous partners into the Pre fold, I dont understand.

    and to all the people saying stern was no big deal- he has been going on and on about what phone to use for weeks now for probably a total of several hours of air time. This morning he blabbed about the bold for a while. That's all FREE advertising. And when your company is basically on the verge of going out of business then all the free advertising you can get is a positive. So do they need Stern (or anyone for that matter)- hell no. But is it a great postive that can save you tons of money on advertising to get one of these people- hell yes.
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