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    "This video has been removed by the user."

    Why would you pull a commercial off YouTube?
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    Jimmie Geddes
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    So Verizon, "can you hear ME now"????
    Love, Sprint

    Just saw it on 24, got chills seeing the Pre on the big screen
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    This full page ad by Sprint was on page A5 in today's Wall Street Journal. The device is not identified any place in the ad but is definitely the Pre. A teaser ad. Another Sprint ad a few pages further in advertises the Pro.

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    I am watching the wrong TV! I thought it was supposed to be on the NCAA throw the ball into the basket with a hole show tonight? But then I noticed, that was sponsored by AT&T
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    Also just saw it on my DVRed episode of Chuck from 8pm tonight. Looks like maybe it was on all the major networks around that time?
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    I think your on to something there Hoff
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    just saw the ad on the new episode of House.
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    I want ....
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    LMAO My girlfriend and I have been laughing about that picture for 3 minutes straight!
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