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    Gizmodo: New WinMo and iPhone Apps Give You Palm Pre-Like Social Media Synergy

    Yahoo's new mobile apps, HTC's updated WinMo UI and a new multi-platform app called 3deep are all chasing after the Palm Pre's Synergy functionality, gathering all social media/location aware services in one place.

    The Synergy functionality on the Palm Pre really kick-started this craze back in January, when Palm debuted the system of integrating all your web services into their native UI. This week, at the CTIA phone show in Vegas, it seems like everyone wants a piece of this action. Lets look at some of the contenders...

    Click the title to read full store. This is really interesting and was inevitable.

    The longer Palm waits...
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    I don't know about the Yahoo thing, nor 3 deep. I can tell you the HTC version is like so many things of attempt to paint over the glaring mistakes of the OS and slap something together.

    Its "like" synergy, but not. It gives you a single program that has all your various things for a contact on it. HOWEVER, each are in a separate tab. Tab for messaging, tab for SMS, tab for email, tabs for calls. Significantly different then the threaded synergy.
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    about six months back yahoo offered as a beta. I installed it on HTC Touch.
    The concept was great. I was so impressed and thought WinMo can match iPhone with this interface. But the APP was slow , and crashed couple of times. It seems like they are redoing it.

    Yesterday after seeing the news I did try to install the latest. But Yahoo hasn't released it for WinMo. I did play with their mobile web page on OPERA. ITs impressive.
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    After seeing how long this phone (PRE) is taking to come out, I've almost gone iPhone because of seeing all these touch screens around me being used and getting jealous. I've always been a Palm user though and do not want to go the Apple route. Especially when I saw AT&T prices. Nothing compares to the plan I have with Sprint so I'm here to stay. Getting very impatient though and I know I'm not the only one. My wife uses way too much Sprint to Sprint to change carriers!!! My contract's up April 12th and have been up for resigning with new 2-year agreement since February 1st but have waited for the PRE!!! Pickup the pace Sprint, let's go!

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