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    So I was just doing some searching up on the magnificent palmostein: Jon Rubinstein - Executive Chairman of Palm.. currently he's in charge of company's research, development, and engineering.. this guy is LEGENDARY and vital to Palm's rebirth.

    I recall from the keynote he's quite fond on building an ecosystem of accessories around a platform of devices.. quote from wiki

    While Rubinsteinís fingerprints are on the iPodís development,[17] he was also instrumental in creating a robust secondary market for accessories such as speakers, chargers, docking ports, backup batteries, and other add-ons.[11] That gear, produced by a network of independent companies that came to be known as "The iPod Ecosystem", generates more than $1 billion in annual sales.[18]

    I was quite shocked to hear about (somewhat gimmicky) inductive Touchstone charger.. as we have known, traditionally Palm is very conservative with their risk on technology. After the Palm Pre sales start taking off, I'm thinking one of Palm's focus areas would be building a Palm Ecosystem. There are some very smart engineers at Palm, but we are a brilliant bunch of Precentralists who may pre-engineer or pre-spoil their next new-ness ideas.

    Note if your Apple or a Made for Apple participant you will not read any further.

    Now if anyone isn't afraid, shall we speculate what type of accessories we could possibly see that build onto the zen of palm?

    Spec sheet on the OMAP3 CPU:
    Palm Pre Processor check it out! @ Mobility Today

    I'm thinking the of the most practical..

    - micro USB memory sticks through USBHOST / or compatibility to wireless physical storage
    - video output cable
    - led projector
    - cases to spare battery that work on touchstone / expanded battery
    - keyboards
    - connectivity to other devices:
    digicam / camcorder - light editing & photo transfer
    mp3 players / game consoles / ebook reader / media center

    and the MUST HAVE.. a natural pond so you can chuck your pre along the surface and compete for number of hops
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    In-car Touchstone with stronger magnets/grasping mechanism, audio line out, and A2DP music control with wireless remote.

    I can hope, can't I?
    "'Form follows function' ó that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
    Frank Lloyd Wright

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