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    Show Pandora, Amazon, FlightView, etc...

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    How annoying! The Amazon store demo is linked to the wrong video! > it's the FlightView demo again. Can someone find the Amazon store demo please?
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    Yeah...I wanted to see that too!

    I just checked the links....they do go to different locations ranging from ending in 257 to 262. The Amazon and the Flight View one have the correct links, they just stuck the wrong video into the same spot.
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    Is this it?

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    That's the one I found a while ago, don't think it's the one from the boys from Slashgear, its from Palm Infocenter instead...but, it does cover it.
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    Man that 9 minute video is sexy! Can't wait for this thing to come out so I can leave T-Mobile. I have voice and messaging only with them and I can get the 450 Everything Data from Sprint for the same price. Hurry up Pre!

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