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    299 might seem high but the monthly plans would more than make up for it vs you know who on that other network.
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    IF this is true and IF it is coupled with the Everything Plans debacle, then Pre's launch is going to SUCK.
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    Palm and Sprint COULD release the phone for 299... And still possibly have a decent release. (I would still get it)

    BUT... If the Pre is supposed to save Sprint's "bleeding customer" issue, then this is not the road they should take IMO. 249 would still be high, but realistic. 199 would be a sweet spot to really boost subscriptions. IDK, I really don't see them putting this thing out there for 299. I think it would be worth it to have the hottest gadget out there... But I don't think it would be too good for Sprint or Palm.
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    Why do people keep interpreting "going strong after 8 hours of mixed use" as meaning it will only last 8 hours? That only says it will last at least 8 hours.

    Personally, I would also interpret "going strong" as having at least 1/3 battery life left. So if you want to extrapolate from that it would be 12 hours. If you want to be really optimistic and interpret it as 1/2 battery left, it would be 16. These are guesses, but I think they're more reasonable than interpreting "going strong" as "about to **** out any second now."
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    its prolly 299 with 100 mail n rebate.
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    It'll be released in June at a price of $199.
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    I would say this is a good guess....

    End of apr beginning of May would be the perfect time for palm to launch... they would be releasing "early." lol

    $299 is in step with the Touch Pro's price. Maybe even keep it at $299 and let us who beg and aggravate palm's customer support for a $199 price, have it at that price.

    Also, you can always go down in price, but it is hard as heck to go up.... Make it $299 to catch all the clowns who need the device yesterday, and then bring it down to $199 to catch the rest of us clowns who can wait (or maybe catch the X-mas holidays).

    Anyone want to see me juggle?
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    I went the sprint store and asked about the nextel I9. Well I was there I asked about the pre for kicks and she told me they have been trained on the device and looking at an April 15th launch. We will see.

    May the Pda be with you!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by B-model View Post
    if this guys really does have the pre., get ready for Palm to come down hard on him.
    You mean Sprint. Sprint gave him the phone.
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    i work across the street from a sprint store and they said that they have also been training this past week on the device, i was told anyday in april it could be released.
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    Merged the twitter-leak story stuff. I'm going on record as being dubious, as it doesn't match up with what we're hearing from sources. Also, if this guy is breaking NDA like this, well, that's bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelet View Post
    It'll be released in June at a price of $199.
    Is that your:
    1.) prediction/speculation, or
    2.) knowledge based on fact ?
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    it better not be released in june because palm shoulda just went ahead and said june instead of fho09.
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    Well, on Wednesday Palm can just stop with the "first half of '09" stuff and say "Q2 '09" like they should have from the start.
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    I like the April 15 date. Even if it is wrong it gives me something to look forward to instead of dreading tax day.
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    i work for sprint and we have not been trained on the phone yet. i am supposed to get the phone a month b4 it comes out and i haven't recieved it yet. so dont believe who told u april 15
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    and also april 15th is the rumor 2 and the instinct mini
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    As I have been saying before, my source at Sprint told me the 15th as well, and he's sticking to it, so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eekinsman View Post
    Is that your:
    1.) prediction/speculation, or
    2.) knowledge based on fact ?
    Let's put it this way, I wouldn't hesitate to bet $100 on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    As I have been saying before, my source at Sprint told me the 15th as well, and he's sticking to it, so far.
    Wow - two weeks to go and in that time:

    - The FCC will approve the phone so that full production can begin.
    - The Sprint staffs across the country will receive Pre training that hasn't been announced yet.
    - Sprint and Palm will begin their (belated) ad campaigns.
    - Sufficient stock of Pres will be shipped and received at 1200+ Sprint stores.

    I can see why you stick with that date.
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