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    I have an ipod touch, latest version, and it is not the most reliable device I have owned, my daughter also has one, same experience.
    my iphone crashes more than my treo pro... nuff said
    Switched from the iPhone to Treo Pro
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    My 700p works fine. I reset it once or twice a month to keep it snappy because sometime Blazer likes to act up...but its really not a big deal. Before I go to bed you just tap the reset button and thats it. Crashes are bad but I won't mind an occasional reset to keep everything quick.

    No doubt in my mind the number of buggy Pre's will be A LOT less than the 700's...still be a couple but they will be prompt on exchanging it.
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    I finally had to give up on my old 755p. It hard reset itself about once a month. So, I stopped installing 3rd party apps on it, except for 1. Still had reboots several times a day!

    So, I borrowed a HTC Touch Pro from the job that no one used and I HATE it. Even though I don't get the reboots, the Windows Mobile platform is still way more complicated to used then my old non-trusty Palm.

    I have my name on a Sprint store waiting list, and will be devastated if I don't have my Pre by June 6. However, I am still somewhat skeptical that the phone will be as stable as the iPhone I tried for a month late last year!
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