View Poll Results: Will Sprint announce a solid release date at CTIA

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  • Yes

    12 13.19%
  • No, they won't offer any new information on a release date

    52 57.14%
  • No, but they will narrow it down to a month or couple of weeks

    13 14.29%
  • I'll be surprised if Sprint even shows or talks about the Pre at CTIA

    14 15.38%
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    Quote Originally Posted by NM08SRT8 View Post
    300c SRT8, and yes I'm in NM
    Sweet, lets line 'em up! It would be a good race!

    Haydur, I am using the official Sprint ROM and I am running Manila 2d. Haven't messed with the phone much lately, so it's pretty gummed up. Seeing how I will get the Pre, I see no point in re doing my Touch all over again.
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    So how much information do you think Sprint/Palm will give from the CTIA conference this week?
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    Absolutely NO new info. Just a VIP lounge for the Pre. More demos... Just different web page and contact demo.
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    Deceiving as hell
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    Yeah, hah? This was fun. looking forward to more like these.
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    It is no surprise that Sprint will be at CTIA to mainly show off the Pre. But here is a snippet of an article posted today at CNN. Nothing else on Palm in the article.

    Also relatively quiet will be Sprint Nextel Corp. (S), which will be on hand to show off the Palm Inc. (PALM) Pre smartphone. The pressure is off Sprint and Chief Executive Dan Hesse, who failed to meet heightened expectations of a splashy announcement last year in his first major industry appearance since taking over.
    Source: Mobile Programs Will Be The Focus At Wireless Trade Show
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    Palm release date, pricing announcement later today?
    engadget seems to think something will go down today.
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    The answer is no - Palm won't make any sort of announcement at CTIA.

    That's because they're at Web 2.0 Announcement of... something coming today. Probably either release date and pricing or SDK availability.
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