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    Since the name "Pre" has so much potential, I've been thinking of names for the most obvious applications. For example:
    • Pre-tty - a putty port.
    • Pre-vent - a call/ message blocker.
    • Pre-MS - that app for women.

    Can you think of any? Let's have some fun before Palm's lawyers start having fun of their own!!!
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    I hope to god they don't do something like that...

    That'd be Pre-Tarded
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    Well I think you would be better off naming applications after WebOS since the Pre is just the first of hopefully many devices that will run the new OS, but.... I like where you're going with the names so try these:

    • Pretext = Text messaging app
    • PreSyncT (prprpr&#$275$;'$s$&#$301$;$ngkt$') = $The$ $Sync$ $app$ $to$ $sync$ $old$ $school$ $style$ $direct$ $to$ $your$ $laptop$. $You$ $know$, $the$ $one$ $that$ $everyone$ $seems$ $to$ $be$ $worried$ $they$'$ll$ $be$ $missing$.
    • PrEmail = Email App
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    Pre-sence - gps app to keep track the location of friends/family

    pre-destination - turn by turn nav program
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    It would be stupid to base the names on the Pre, being they are gonna (hopefully) give out tons of phones in the next decade based on WebOS, not on Pre....
    Which Palm probabely didn't take into account the part of naming apps for..... WebOScalc, WebOSalarm ect. just don't sound right
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki View Post
    It would be stupid to base the names on the Pre, being they are gonna (hopefully) give out tons of phones in the next decade based on WebOS, not on Pre....
    This is just a bit of harmless fun Mahootzki... to keep us busy till the Pre (the GSM version for me) is out.

    Nobody is going to actually name their apps from the ones on this thread (but they are free to do so I guess), besides "WebOSSMS" sounds weird if one tries to pronounce it.
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    Pre-tend an iPhone skin for the pre?
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    Pre-voke - An application that just has one button, when pressed the phone loudly proclaims "this phone is better than the iPhone"
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    Pre-Diction - an app that converts US English to into proper UK English

    Pre-Emptive - an app that performs the next action before you think of it!
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    Pre-zza - A game where you have to make & deliver as many pizza's within a time frame.

    Pre-ecefullness - A screensaver that pans/zooms/fades around & changes to nice looking images when placed on the touchstone.

    Pre-0wned - A jailbreaking app that unlocks the GSM Pre
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    • PreArrange = Allows you to prearrange your meetings and events (i.e. Calendar)
    • PreCaution = An app that warns you when you are about to waist too much time on TreoCentral / PreCentral
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    Pre-vious : an app that reminds you what you were doing before you got off track and waisted way too much time on TreoCentral / PreCentral
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    Pre - senter: a powerpoint viewer
    Pre - shot Routine: a golf gps system
    Pre - vention: a personal health database and prevention guide
    Pre - scribe: a pharmaceutical reference or a blog writer
    Pre - finance: a personal finance app
    Pre - dator: a flash based first person shooter
    Pre - sale: an ebay, google shopping, price grabber price lookup thingy
    Pre - season: a weather app or fantasy football app
    Pre - ject: a project management tool or come back lines for moments of rejection experienced in a bar or club
    Pre - DF: a PDF reader
    Pre - corder: a voice/phone recording app
    Pre - sence: a wi-fi app to locate hotspots and report on security/connection strength
    Pre - view: YouTube app

    OK, I've spent way too much time on this
    My 2, it's all I can spare
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