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    I'm bored..

    Palm: You're hired.

    Me: Great, when do i start?

    Palm: We were thinking first half of 2009.

    Me: Can you be more specific?

    Palm: Well sure, within the next 15 weeks or so.

    Me: well, ok. But just to make sure i'm on the same page, what's my salary again?

    Palm: We're not sure yet.

    Me: Should i keep looking just in case?

    Palm: Not necessary. We know how important it is to keep our new hires excited. So we'll tape this interview and play it back in parts to you during our webinar series with new hires. It's all part of the palm experience.

    Me: So is my success with Palm a lock?

    Palm: It's a lock. If a job at RIM is all business and a job at apple is all about entertainment, then your job at Palm is about having a single job for your entire life.

    Me: wow..that's awesome

    Palm: We know
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    thats exactly the type of games them fools are playing with us right now. Hopefully palm responds today with a answer regarding the rumors of delayed phones, lets see the bs they pull with this one.
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    Folks, the phone doesn't just appear on store shelves when some sleep-deprived Palm developer runs excitedly to Ed Colligan's office and exclaims "It's done!"

    Sprint will set the release date, and they are apparently very busy testing and loading their suite of apps on the device as we speak.

    When Sprint has their inventory right and launch plan together, we'll know a specific date (Usually no more than 30 days out). Until then, don't look at Palm. You should, however, gripe at Palm for not keeping their web site updated with new content like they did in January and early February. Is it too much to ask for a second and third "Meet Pre" video?
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    card , funny,

    I would change

    Me: well, ok. But just to make sure i'm on the same page, what's my salary again?

    Palm: We're not sure yet.

    Palm: Enough to Live for second half of the year.
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    I think this illustrates that a smart phone is neither a career-defining job nor an instant gratification solution for boredom.
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    ur guys are really bored
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