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    I thought WinMo 7 was coming out... Why would I get excited with something that's going to be replaced soon? (Like the Vista) And iPhone OS is upgrading from what.. 2.3 to 3.0 and the biggest news is that it includes cut and paste is a joke to me. Those functions are things the should have been included in the first place, and can easily be gotten through jailbreaking. I managed to vote for WebOS twice.
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    Is it bad if I vote more than once?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanBlader View Post
    Is it bad if I vote more than once?
    As long as its for the Pre, its ok
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    A little update. iPhone 3.0 has gone down to 45% and WebOS has gone up to 40%. Not bad at all!
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    Have to be honest. I know little about Android other than linux and open. It's being on tmobile just never had me curious to find out.

    And even less about RIM. I just assumed it was like WM but no touchscreen sometimes which meant no stylus. Reputation for business email and stability.

    No clue on nokia's and don't really care to know.

    I mainly know palmOS, what little there is to know about webOS, and iphone's OS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cary328is View Post
    I haven't put in my vote yet. But I'm still on track to do it sometime in 2nd half of 2009
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