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    This is my first post, long time/first time.

    Reading this article on the iphone software, and it listed the Pre price of $199. Do they know something we dont know, or is that purely speculation?

    IPhone To Get Cut And Paste, But Not Flash, Says Digg's Rose
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    I don't think they know anything, this is the quote (emphasis added):
    Palm's shares have soared 75% since early January when it introduced the long- awaited new Pre smartphone, which is based on an updated version of Palm's operating system. Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) plans to sell the Pre for $199.
    An updated version?? they obviously know nothing about the pre at all. And if they really do have a good source for the 199 price tag, they have a really big scoop and would have put way more emphasis on that. The way they bring it now it's just like it's a widely known fact.
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    They meant the
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    They meant the
    If they did mean the Pro, then they have it even more wrong. Since the Pro runs on Windows Mobile & isn't an "Updated" software by Palm.
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    Not the first or last time CNN is wrong. No surprises here.
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    They have no idea the price of the Pre. Hell Palm doesn't even know. Only Sprint knows and they won't tell us.

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