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    Does anyone think that Palm has fixed the mic for the Pre? I can't stand the background noise that my 700, my girlfriends, 755 and my friends centro pick up. Or is there a way to adjust the gain that I don't know about?
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    Is the background-noise cancelling technology on the average cellphone better than that of a Treo or any other smartphone? I imagine, by this point, that this feature is standardized within the industry. It doesn't seem that hardware manufacturers or carriers (pin drop?) even tout this feature anymore. Nor, do I see reviewers even evaulate this.
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    try adjusting the mic to lowest setting with this app -

    Go Treo Software, Inc. - VolumeCare Basic
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    sorry i haven't logged on in a while...I'll try that when I get home on my girlfriends 755...thanks for the replies.

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