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    Just a new thread to show our thanks to Dieter for taking the time to set up that live chat so we could all see what was going on with the webinar.

    Very cool of you to do, even though we didn't get much new info from Palm or Sprint. Still, my hat off to you sir!
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    Thank you Dieter of course!

    Sorry it was a bit disappointing.
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    Thanks for doing the live chat of the Webinar even if it was a bust on their part. You were entertaining at least!
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    Yeah, man. I appreciate it. Thanks for trying to dig up data on the Pre that we didn't already have.
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    Waste of time for everyone, but thanks, Dieter. Not your fault.
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    ya. yawn. what did we find out today???? thanks dieter....
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    We all love you Dieter and SE crew! if it wasen't for you guys we would have nothing to be angry about!
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    Yes! Thank you Dieter for letting us all sit by your side during the webcast! And thanks to Marcus and Rene too as Dieter said that they were there helping out!
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    Aww, you guys are too nice.

    here's the news I was able to squeeze out of this stone:

    And yes -- Jennifer's exactly right, Rene from TiPb chipped in and Marcus added the images.
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    good job this is why we continue to be active members of this site.

    thank you
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    Thanks for all the time and energy you spend to keep us informed.
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    Let me add my thanks as well. I had the day off and enjoyed reading your comments during the web whatever it's called. A neologism it is indeed to me.
    You didn't come off as a hack at all and I enjoy the way you include the forum in your Precentral pieces. Like Artaud said, "All writing is pig****" (Sorry, see Howard Stern thread), but you made it entertaining and informative. Good job.
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    Thank you Dieter for going through the trouble.

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