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    ^Me too. I have the 99$ SEP. Does this mean you will be my friend now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post be fair.

    Weren't people essentially manipulating and basically screwing the system through an immense loophole to get into the SERO plan in the first place thus pushing things a lot farther with that kind of plan than Sprint has originally intended it to be?

    I may be wrong here, but from what I understood that's how SERO started. Meant to be "friends and family" and basically was just people posting the information onto the web for anyone and everyone to use it, thus getting around the system and essentially abusing it because Sprint was actually trying to be flexible and nice to their employees.
    You are absolutely right.
    I don't have infor on hoiw many AERO customers sprint has, but that was the case , people posted their info on websites.
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