View Poll Results: What new info (if any) will we get at the webcast tomorrow?

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  • Release date

    23 32.39%
  • Price

    18 25.35%
  • Plan options (Simply everything/SERO/etc)

    11 15.49%
  • Battery Life

    8 11.27%
  • More new features

    20 28.17%
  • Other

    6 8.45%
  • Nothing new.. sprint/palm just trying to mess with us

    30 42.25%
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    Quote Originally Posted by schnoid View Post
    To all the people that guessed "nothing new" you win! I'm not shocked at all, but I'm extremely pissed that they would purposefully waste everyone's time like that. Anyone that attended that webcast obviously knew every single thing that they talked about and have reported on it thoroughly. This was majorly stupid!

    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    I just like doing the '+ number' thing.
    Me too. =)
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    And if we weren't the target audience, apparently CNet wasn't either. Direct quote from their reporter:

    "That's it for the presentation. Really? That's it?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by miles4000 View Post
    That's kinda cool, but really it could've just been a special demo setup. I'm really not gonna get too excited about that until I see some actual tests.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schnoid View Post
    +1.... O wait, i was the one that wrote it in the first place. :-p i seriously feel like this community is the only reason i even care about the pre anymore. Palm/sprint have totally dropped the ball.
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