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    Carriers and Palm have been absolutely silent on the matter, but let's be honest: there's very likely been one of the most heated, no-holds-barred wars over the past few months to score European exclusivity on the Pre since the Storm and the iPhone -- and with launches broadly expected by mid-year, time is running out to secure a deal. Spanish media is reporting that Telefonica has now locked up that deal, not just for Spain and the UK (where it operates as O2) but for Latin America as well under the Movistar brand. If true, that'd be a nice, big "screw you" to archrival Vodafone, which has the mighty Storm / Magic two-pack under its belt. Even more interesting, though, is the fact that most of Latin America operates 3G on the 850 and 1900MHz bands -- the very same used in the US and Canada -- which means that our assumptions that the Pre would be 2100-only may have been wrong all along. Awesomely wrong. We wouldn't get our hopes up that the Pre will be a walk in the park to unlock and use on AT&T or Rogers just yet, but it's a glimmer of hope that we'll gladly take.
    Source: Telefonica scores global Pre coup?
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    Would O2 drop the iphone ?...
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    We need to access the cloud on O2...

    Hello Storm.
    From those mythical lands beyond the great USA...

    It is a convergence device not mankind's disc/filmography.
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    o2 would be great for me. It gives me best reception where I live and would allow me to swap my iphone sim in and out as I please. The o2 data plan is much better than Vodafone with unlimited data and wifi with BT openzone and the Cloud.

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