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    From the recent Palm press release:

    "The 8K SEC filing that Palm did to accompany the announcement warned of risk... lots and lots of risks....Some of these risks include:
    our ability to launch the Palm Pre and related services successfully and in a cost-effective and timely manner;"

    This could go either way: Cost Effective for Palm ($250+) or Cost Effective for us ($150-).

    Though I suppose it won't matter much at all for me, since I won't be able to take advantage of any rebates or new plan discounts. Base price will likely be around $550 regardless.
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    Me too... I'll get a $175 kickback for a two year re-up on my contract, but still!
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    Look at all the other phones on sprints lineup... You'll see the touch diamond..... Base price is 549.99 and with the FULL upgrade not the $75 dollar one, you'll get it for 199.99... For the Pre i'm still confident on the price being 249.99 at launch and then MAYBE going down to 199.99 at christmas time.
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    Form 8-K is geared to investors and shareholders, not to retail consumers. What is discussed in the 8-K has nothing to do with the retail price Sprint will be charging. Sprint makes that decision.

    Product launches involve a great many costs: product development, component purchases, manufacturing, trade shows, vendor and support training, marketing, advertising, etc.

    Additionally, the Pre is a venture into new services for Palm. While they have not revealed what their part will be in Web-based services, I'm confident they have already invested a goodly sum on the (transparent to users) back end.

    Managing timeliness and cost efficiencies across manufacturing and services is complex, and unexpected events arise which affect either or both.

    The SEC requires that investors be informed of all known risks so that they may evaluate their consideration to invest or not. These disclosures also reduce potential litigation claims from "uninformed" investors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoffman109 View Post
    Me too... I'll get a $175 kickback for a two year re-up on my contract, but still!
    I was wondering about that. I think I'm in the same situation as you, my 22 month upgrade comes up in july. I was wondering if the $150 (I think its $150 now) rebate was on top of the sale price with two year contract or the full retail price.

    I know that the 12 month rebate is $75 off the retail price because I went in to get a Centro in October and thats when they informed me of that. (Good thing too, cause I couldn't have imagined getting the Pre if I had gotten the Centro)

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