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    Quote Originally Posted by Homie View Post
    Amazon VOD would rock.
    Amazon RENTALS would be even better! (my Archos will play video purchases, but not VOD streaming or rentals so you can have one and not the others)
    Netflix streaming would be absolutely amazing! (this one I think is very unlikely. I just finally got it on my Mac)
    Amazon VOD could work through a browser with flash. However, the way Amazon VOD is designed right now is that you can download portable copies of purchased movies and TV shows for plays-for-sure devices. You then have to transfer it to your portable device. I've done it with my Zen. So even if Palm makes the Pre a plays-for-sure device, it won't play rentals.

    If, however, Amazon provides a separate application for watching VOD and the application acts as an Unbox application for watching downloaded movies, then we may get the whole Amazon video experience with the Pre.
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    You know, I have something to add, or not. converted a TV show from a HDTV source, and put it on my iPhone. It looks amazing. The quality is top-notch.

    I wasn't expecting the quality to be that good, I had never converted anything before. Now that I know the quality is still pretty amazing, I'm fine.

    But I would still like to see some type of service where I can pay for the TV show and have it already converted for me. Or stream it.
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