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    You must have been there the wrong day. They were giving out wrist bands ( there were only 200 phones) as there were hundreds of people on line when I was there and the media was there. people waiting online for blocks, some people waited 2 days on line. It sold out in 2 hours the iphone sold out everywhere the day it came out, people were on waiting list and paying thousands on ebay for that phone.

    Was all over the news

    Hundreds camp out, crazy for the iPhone - Jun. 29, 2007

    It's official - iPhone mania was in full bloom Friday as hundreds of people camped out at Apple stores in New York and elsewhere for their shot at the pricey gadgets.

    The line outside Apple's flagship Soho store in New York snaked for blocks as consumers stood, sat under umbrellas and lounged on folding chairs, ready to shell out up to $600 for the devices that go on sale at 6 p.m.
    The faithful on line outside Apple's store in midtown Manhattan on Thursday.
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    "We've been in line for days. It's very uncomfortable out here in these chairs," said Melanie Rivera, a customer near the front of the line. "But people are very social. We've made it through the rain, so we feel like we're getting closer to the phone."
    hmm, maybe I'm thinking about the first iphone and not the 3g. I can't remember which year I was in NY now. I know that it was the release of one of them though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sir_mycroft View Post
    Being a nerd myself, I have been impressed with the hype so far. Palm keep the fortress closed until CES
    I don't think they kept a tight fortress. My theory on this is simple, fits Occam's Razer and there is no evidence I have seen that contradicts it: the plan and schedule for the Pre could have been for a around 4th quarter 09 and Palm especially and Sprint has internal financial reasons, like Palm running otu of money, to push the project to a much sooner time frame.

    Quote Originally Posted by schnoid View Post
    Weird, I happened to be in Manhattan the day it was released and there was absolutely no line to be seen. Maybe I was there a little later in the day, but I just remember rows and rows of empty line forming bars and then two rows of bored employees outside that were supposed to cheer on the few people that actually walked out with the iphone. It was really pathetic.
    Wow. Are you sure you have the day right? I was staying around the corner from a Apple store in Manhattan and it was a friggin zoo from 24 hours before
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    This will be like every other of Palm products is lousy. It is not until we start using our phones out in public that the "non-nerds" find out about it. How many times have you been in the subway, standing in a line, etc., and someone asks you, "What kind of phone is that?" We do most of the marketing for Palm.
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    "Is that a BlackBerry?"
    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

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