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    I'm not going to buy the Treo pro even though I have the bitter taste of Treo 800w in my mouth. I will wait for the Pre on Sprint!
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    I've had the Pro unlocked GSM from the get go. It's a solid phone but I am just so bored and fed up with WIMO. I would love to get the Pre but God knows when would a GSM version will be available. I am getting imapatient. Been thinking about a BB Bold or a G1 just to carry myself over til the Pre. Probably be putting my Pro up for sale on Ebay since I have an unlocked Treo 750 with WM6 just in case. The wait for the Pre is killing me!
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    Get a Pro and wait for the Pre to actually have some useful software before buying it. It's supposed to be a smartphone after all. No matter how cool the interface, if you can't run any of the apps you were running on your older generation phone and there are no appropriate replacements, it makes the phone far less useful.
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