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    We already knew Palm was in horrible shape. I remember reading some tech article late last year about "things that wouldn't exist this time next year" and Palm was on it. Palm being more horrible than expected doesn't phase me. We knew the farm is bet on the Pre and this is just further confirmation of it. This is only an issue if it prevents them from getting over the hump from here to launch, and I don't see that happening.

    Elevation is already heavily invested in Palm and thus its success. I don't doubt the extra $100 million they invested in December was necessary to keep them afloat. It would be self defeating for them to back out now. Sure, they don't have limitless resources, but Palm only has to stay on life support for another couple of months or so. Once the Pre launches it's sink or swim time. Elevation doesn't need to keep the spigot running afterwards because if Palm still can't cut it then they were doomed anyway.

    Hype machines need money, but I expect them to have enough, even if they have to go back to Elevation. Once again, short changing it at this point would be madness, killing their investment before it even had a chance. Plus, they're not shouldering the burden entirely on their own. Sprint will be doing its own advertising. Plus, they already have incredible interest from the tech sites because they managed CES so well. When it launches they'll have free publicity because of it. If people simply didn't care about what Palm was doing that would be lethal, but that's not the case anymore.

    Storm clouds prior to launch don't bother me because I don't think they're going to die before launch or have the launch crippled for it. Being able to support the product over the longer term depends on the Pre's success, but we already knew that because being able to support the COMPANY over the longer term does as well.
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    What I critiqued mostly was the idea spun that the Pre announcement hurt the current recent Palm releases, the 800w cdma, the pro gsm and the pro cdma. I think we can agree is clearly unsupported by the facts.

    Also I would like to point out that Pre revenues over the next few quarters are going to be offset by some pretty heavy costs.

    No one is suggesting it looks negative over the long term. But the numbers do indicate that sash for support, development, dealing with problems and competitive challenges and marketing are worse than expected.

    The fundamentals and value of the product are compelling, despite economy smartphone share in the saturated mobile market is growing due to consumer demand, and carriers want it to grow because it drives higher plan revenue. Palm has an excellent product to grab a good piece of that. Palm has a very recent history of problem devices and they are much more cash poor and on spec than thought.
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    I don't know about their 'Quarters' but my quarters are saved up for this phone, but I am quickly loosing interest. Why is it such a secret to let us know when the Pre will be out?
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    Because they don't know yet..
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    Quote Originally Posted by morningstar1844 View Post
    well said
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    Hopefully even more reason for Palm to try to please as many consumers as possible with the launch of the Pre -- including (gasp!) us old Palm OS stalwarts.
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