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    Fellow developers, if you haven't yet seen the February 27th webcast, I think that it well worth spending an hour watching it:
    Palm Developer Network Blog Now Available — Developing Applications for webOS webcast

    The guy speaking is a techie, and really knows his stuff. He creates a genuine (simple) Pre application during the demonstration, and also shows what the programmatic services for hardware (such as GPS) will look like from a programmer's point of view.

    This presentation is much more informative (IMO) than the lightweight book chapter that was previously released:
    Palm Developer Network Blog O’Reilly and Palm announce the first book for building apps for webOS - first chapter now available for free
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    It was actually on February 25th and was discussed in this thread:
    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

    HOW TO: Zip/Unzip via Pre/Pixi using Terminal
    HOW TO: Modify DTMF audio (webOS 1.4.5 or earlier)
    Palm Pre wallpapers
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    here is a canidate for a MERGE ! ;-)
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