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    Sprint - Palm Pre

    On the Sprint site you can rotate the Pre and it will open and close. Notice that as it rotates and the top piece slides in, the back of the top piece is silver. Any idea why this is the case? Is this a metallic back? If yes, why would it be necessary? From a purely aesthetic consideration a black back piece for the top slider would be "sexier"/ more pleasing. No big deal for me. I'm just curious.
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    I heard someone from Palm described it as a mirror like finish...which might resonate with the ladies...and narcissists.
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    It has a mirrorlike finish for self portraits.
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    Yeah they showed that in the videos. It's for the more vain, iphone, types.
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    It's to help people take pictures of themselves using "myspace angles". :P
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    Looks good. It gives it a much better overall look. All one color will look drab and bigger then it actually is.
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    i think it's good design. it's more efficient than the tiny round self-portrait mirror on the treos & it looks more elegant. i like it, even though i never take self-portraits with my phone.
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    I have to laugh, there's one on the Centro. What a stupid joke! Or stupid idea. Or waste of mirror materials.
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    there's a great old thread questioning how the mirror works on the 650.. look it up for a laugh
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    I also read it was a way for Palm to please carriers while still keeping the Pre "natural and organic looking". Supposedly there won't be any carrier branding on the phone besides the mirror finish on the back when it's slid opened.

    "One of the biggest ones is that the main portion of the screen has a significant and noticeable curve at the corners. The result is that the standard (and necessary) information like signal strength, carrier, time at the top and notifications at the bottom actually appear to be part of the hardware of the phone instead of interrupting your experience of whatever application you happen to be using. Palm really focused on how the Pre helps you focus on what you want without distraction and the Pre delivers."
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    Not exactly a Palm innovation to have little branding. Iphen has been this way for tnealry two years. We will see when the final Sprint product comes anyway. Palm developed a special no branded box in September for the Pro, which was then used for the Pre presentation four months later and called new, organic and innovative, and Sprint placed a sprint covered sleeve all over it.

    I think the mirror finish is both functionless and eye catching. Gives it a very modern and techno touch.
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    The Sprint Pre will most likely look exactly like the picture Sprint has on their site for the Pre. The Sprint branding is inside the screen, and while you can't see it in the 360 rotation, you do see the mirrored back and that's the only area for Sprint branding we've seen to date from both Palm and Sprint.
    Sprint - Palm Pre

    The Pro's box was created for the unlocked Pro. The box was a design move on Palm's part to create a great first impression when opening up the Pro, very iPhone-like in appearance. The new box design was certainly spoken about in the 1st reviews of the Pro, it only makes sense for Palm to keep that same impression moving forward.

    "I know that Palm's new packaging has been mentioned, but after actually seeing the packaging in person, it was pretty neat. It's sort of weird seeing the new packaging after all the other Treo boxes and the Centro box were all pretty much identical. The Treo Pro's box is smaller and is sturdier also."

    "For starters, as previously reported (see Treo Pro Now Official) Palm has completely revamped its packaging making it much smaller, more modern and uncluttered. The box is almost two-thirds smaller than previous ones such as the Centro and Treo 800w pictured below.
    While the packaging is certainly nice and helps to form your first positive impressions"
    Via Treo Pro Preview - Treonauts

    "Palm has really outdone itself with the packaging. Its nice, classy, and simple."
    Via Palm Treo Pro review [huge review!] |!::..

    Palm is obviously paying more attention to detail with their latest smartphones from how it looks, works, feels, branding, packaging, etc. I bet it has something to do with Executive Chairman, Jon Rubinstein's past work with Apple
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    After seeing the info on the Pro I am ready to make the jump more than ever. Can't wait for the Pre after 2 years with my Blackberry Pearl. Very well put together post also, thanks for the info.
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    Very nice touch!
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    can we fin one person who actually uses this thing ?
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