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    Shedding infrastructure, engineers, technicians is good business if you expect to keep losing customer and contracting. Bu tit does go to declining value for customers that remain.
    Good point as this link highlights:
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    “For all the talk about fixing churn, the problem is now more one of making the product appealing to new subscribers than it is simply keeping the ones they have,” said Craig Moffett, senior analyst with Bernstein Research, in a research note today. “Sprint's share of gross additions has dropped to 13%. As gross additions fall, sales per square foot in their retail network falls with it, putting increasing pressure on retail costs. That, in turn, puts pressure on the company to close stores, furthering a downward spiral.”
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    I was with sprint since 2001 and really didn't have anything much to complain about. I had a Treo 650 that was malfunctioning and I had to use a wired ear piece in order to hear anything from the phone, but I was willing to get by until the pre was released. When the pre announcement was made I began saving money to purchase it and had accrued over $400 dollars. Unfortunately earlier this month the treo decided to call it quita and would not turn on. My options were to stay with sprint and buy another smartphone (none which interested me and would also renew my contract) and wait two years from my discount and buy the Pre then, or switch to another carrier and get a phone that I might want. I decided to go a head and get an iphone. I was well aware of all the negatives that come along with the phone but I knew what I could live with.(I'm also pissed that two days later the treo decided to become functional again, but I couldn't trust it at this point). So far the iphone has been great, but I was really looking forward to the Pre and its features such a copy and paste (which I use quite often), and multitasking etc. As for synergy there are programs that can link your iphone contacts with facebook etc. but they are not as seamless as the pre.

    So I'm with ATT right now and hoping the Pre comes to ATT within two years, possible with newer hardware and features, and the app store would have matured by then.
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    ^ don't count on it...
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
    If you have an iTouch click me.
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