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    Tomorrow is the O'Reilly webcast, and was wondering how many of you are registered to it, and what questions you'll be asking. I hope there will be some "newness" there
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    Me too. I hope we get a comprehensive recap tomorrow. Not much of a programmer, so I didn't sign up.
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    Someone care to transcribe for us?
    VisorPhone Clone
    (Please do not thank me - I find it scary)
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    i'm gonna try to listen to it at work if i can. If not, i'll listen later on. Hopefully they'll have some more specific info on the MojoSDK. A release date for at least the SDK would be very nice.
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    I'll be watching. They said they'd post a recording of it within a couple of days.
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    Will also try to listen in from work.
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    Connected now ... just waiting for the official start. Looks like people from all over the world are connected. Some are having audio problems, but mine seems OK.
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    Audio totally failing. Had to dial in. Hopefully, Sprint will be a better partner than WebEx.
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    Cool! Palm is using a Mac to present!
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    Mitch Allen (Software CTO) talking now ...
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    Will ...
    Talk about Palm webOS
    Review the Mojo Framework
    Develop a Simple Application
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    updates please! thank you apparently there's a limit to the users who can sign in
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    he's not gonna talk about when/where/how much :-(
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    Won't ...
    When ...?
    Where ...?
    How Much ...?
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    Great work Pilot1000, keep it up.
    VisorPhone Clone
    (Please do not thank me - I find it scary)
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    Overview of webOS ... no new details yet. Showing diagram from 1st chapter of O'Reilly book.
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    People aren't seeming to get that there's probably more demand for this than most of O'Reilly's usual webcasts. I had to call in myself for the audio, but still.
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    the web version is working perfectly fine for me.
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    Reviewing User Experience ... Status Bar, Quick Launch Bar, Notify Area, Cards, Card View, Activity. Same as in book ...
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    he's talking about general usability of webOS
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