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    If you have a Centro, Treo755p, Treo 800w or Treo 850 Pro, you will get a $50 credit if you choose to participate. If you have a Treo 700p, it is $35. If you have a Treo 700wx, it is $10. No amount was listed for the Treo 650
    Sprint gives $50 for a 800w or a Treo Pro trade-in value on a Pre?
    Big Whoopie do!
    Just call me Berd.
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    Haw! That stinks. I suppose it's better than nothing though. I have just kept all of my older phones as backups at this point. I have about 5 backups now. Haw!
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    bloody wankers... i can sell my more than 2 yr old 700Wx for more than $100 at least. Shame on them...
    .....Life is But Such Sweet Sorrow.....
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    $35 for my Treo 700p that is in great condition......

    How shameless!

    It is better than nothing though. But I think I will pass on the offer.
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    Why is this posted here, this is NOT a Pre "upgrade", its a recycling program...
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    ^Good Point.
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    The article being refrenced is called "Sprint's Ambitious Recycling Program is a Win-Win for Customers Upgrading to a Pre"

    Gotta love context.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Sprint gives $50 for a 800w or a Treo Pro trade-in value on a Pre?
    Big Whoopie do!
    Even for the Pro they only give $50... one would be crazy to take that offer..
    Much better to sell it privately (on ebay for example)..
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    I'll probably get more on ebay for our 2 755p.
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    I'd like to think that my 755p would fetch more on Ebay than the measily $50 Sprint is offering. But I don't know how real that possibility is - given the number of other Treo owners who will be trying to do the same thing at the same time. Plus, how big is our market, really?

    Assuming that the Pre comes on line at the same price as the 8gb iPhone it's trying to squash - $150 - who would opt for a somewhat outdated device over a brand new one for just a few dollars more? (or the same amout, depending on how much you're trying to fetch for your Treo).
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    I hear everyone's pain -- and I want help you all to attain your dreams.

    BARYE is therefore, in his infinite generosity, prepared to offer the princely sum of $51 for your working condition Treo 755P.

    (No need to need kiss my hem or prostrate yourselves more than usual -- its just the kind of monkey I am ...)
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    Hey, I'll take $35 off a new Pre for my old 700p.
    Every little bit helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbad614 View Post
    The article being refrenced is called "Sprint's Ambitious Recycling Program is a Win-Win for Customers Upgrading to a Pre"

    Gotta love context.
    ^ Good Point.

    Sorry Goat
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    They give $50 for the Samsung Instinct, too. I was thinking about turning it into Sprint's buy-back recycling program when the Pre comes out...but you're right, $50 isn't that much.

    Hmm...some of you mention eBay. Which would you guys suggest that I do? I wonder how much I'd likely get on eBay (or even if I could sell it...since I don't know how to sell on eBay, I never have done so before...)
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    I know it's just a Recycle Program, but Annie said you could use Sprints Generous offer Toward a Pre.

    Thanks Sprint!
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    Only phone its good for is the Centro as the centro goes for around $50 with a new plan so its hard to sell for more , so $50 for a old centro isnt too bad but the rest are horid. But they do pay more for a 700P then some of the buyback sites like Get Cash For Your Used Treo 700p -

    That only pay $15 for a 700P in good condition.
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    Well, I've got a 755p ($50) and a 700p ($35). So, considering that I'm no where near the end of my 2-year deal and would have to pop the full price for the Pre, I think I'll take the $85 I can get.

    I don't know about the rest of you all, but I really wanted to hold onto these things - you know, sort of like a collector. But...Oh well.

    At least I've still got my Casio Databank watch, Sharp Wizard OZ-7000 electronic organizer, Palm IIIe and Kyocera 7135.
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    For years and years I never sold a phone just just and used it two years and tossed them in a drawer in case needed one as a standyby.

    Because of ebay there is a new large market and liquidity and that is good for everyone.
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    I basically got my Centro for free. Got a full rebate (well they actually gave me more than I should have ) and if I do this program, I'd be getting extra. So it would be like starting over (just without the new customer benefits). But I actually love my phone and haven't really used it to it's fullest, so I still want to hold onto it. Plus I really wanna use that program that lets you play NES games
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    Why would anybody do this when you can get waaaayyyyy more for your device on ebay?
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