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    Hey what happened to that thread talking about the Pre being at UPS by April 1?

    It's the thread that started the following post on
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    I was just wondering the same thing...maybe Palm deleted it!
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    ^ You think so?? HMMM Shenanigans!!!!
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    It was deleted.
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    Hey Syphon - any particular reason why? Was someone not supposed to put certain info in it?
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    I'm curious too why it got deleted. Maybe because it was a sad thread, and these forums are supposed to be a happy place. : )

    So why???
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    Never trust anyone who says that something is going to happen on 4/1.
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    I know it's a no-no to talk about deleted threads, but could we get some kind of hint?
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    I think it was them ninjas... With their fancy ninja swords and masks and such.

    Damned ninjas.
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    The OP was concerned about his friend.
    I didn't delete it.
    But there's really no point to speculate why.
    In the future when a Thread is deleted, please don't start another asking why.
    Pm a mod questions regarding thread deletions or other forms of moderation.

    Send a PM to a moderator if you have a question about a locked/edited posting.

    Thanks for your consideration in this matter.
    Just call me Berd.
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    The OP asked to have the thread deleted because of privacy issue's for his friend...
    So I obliged...

    No dark secrets where palm is muscling in to hide a launch date..
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