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    Since i've been at sprint & palm:

    1. Went to an actual sprint store (not a pretend one). Experience was not good for me. Depending on if they got what you want, then it comes down to plan or price. I always seemed to be upgrading with a few months left to go and they don't budge. Better to call which i had to do to "fix" things that the sprint store just couldn't couldn't do.

    2. so..can call and order it. Usually arrived in 1-2 days. Sprint is much more flexible on terms this way. Price of phone is usually added to bill. Can call and get a replacement..stores are stupid in that regard.

    3. Sprint online. Not a problem when i switched to sero and let my old old plan go (off contract for once). So two centros were purchased as new..30 a month plan..went smooth. Centros were first available this method (or calling). It's not so smooth later when interested in an upgrade ...takes a bit longer such as when i...

    4. Went to best buy to get a Touch Pro. Have to in store experience. The girl was very good and she wasn't bad to look at. Her mobile co-workers (all girls) weren't bad either. Lucky me Took longer because of SERO..she had to go an alternate route but she got it done. No mail in rebates, really a good price. I can't remember if the insurance they offer is the same or not as what Sprint offers..she made a good pitch about it but i declined although i wouldn't mind being able to take the phone there if something happened vs what i'd have to do with Sprint.

    Taking the Pro back wasn't bad either (the htc Touch Pro wasn't for me). She had given me her card and said if i had any problems to come back in and ask for her. Not to sound hokie or anything but this kind of service you almost want to buy any phone because you feel guilty for wasting their time.

    All in all, i'll do the route that has the phone first and can get it to me quickest. Best Buy is preferred because it was cheapest and only a couple of miles away. Calling would be next option. Nearest sprint store is an hour away and least preferred.
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    I also had a good experience at a Best Buy getting a Sprint phone. I love that you don't have to do the mail-in rebate (they apply it automatically, so less money out your pocket to begin with).

    I also like that you can easily check out other phones from other providers and look at a good selection of accessories without the 50% Sprint in-store mark-up.
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    i haven't checked out the BB mobile station, in a while i might have to go and do some recon.... I like to swipe my blue card.. b/c i get 90 days to pay for anything that i buy from them... plus if i can get product protection for 2 years cheaper than the TEP i probably will do it.... but i don't know quite yet... i saw the PRO was 249.99 including Geek Squad setup......... not a real fan of the unsmart geeks...
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    I'll try Sprint via phone first. I was able to upgrade one 650 and one 700p to two 755p and had to pay only around $25 each calling retentions. We still have both 755p and end of contract is coming up, plus 10 years with Sprint.
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    Best buy screwed up my plan. W/o my consetn they removed Text from one of my lines. next month got hit w/ a fat bill. Sprint fixed it.

    I;ve order 9 or 10 phones from Sprint over the years. The best has been in a Sprint store. The staff was not as knowegable as when i called. but they were very nice and were able to do everything on site (it was a full service store)
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