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    Quote Originally Posted by Syphon View Post
    So? Why do they advertise movies 2 or 3 weeks before release? To get people (who aren't closely following it) excited & interested in it.
    But you assume that the pre is getting close to release.. I hope so too.. but there is nothing solid to base that on yet

    I'm still hoping for the 1st of march date (based on the 3:01 time in the official pics)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Q View Post
    I expect that Sprint will cover most of the advertising costs, somewhat like they did with the Centro--although the Centro was positioned as a niche device and the Pre will be more front-and-center.
    a) Carriers normally do almost all the advertising
    b) carriers with exclusives are even more likely to do all the advertising
    c) in this case sprint is an order of magnitude larger than the maker, Palm, and therefore is even more likely. Palm is tiny compared to Nokia, LG, HTC etc. It is minuscule compared to Apple, which actually has its own stores

    d) Centro, was not a niche device, it front and center device, with excellent ease of use, that pulled a whole boatload of people who had dumbphones into data plans

    Quote Originally Posted by schnoid View Post
    i saw at least 2 of those commercials as well. I dunno if it's just me, but I get annoyed every time I see a sprint commercial with no mention of the Pre. It just seems like a huge waste of advertising budget.
    How many Pre do you expect Sprint to sell through the end of summer? 200,000? 500,000? a million? Sprint has 50 million customers. That is over two million handsets a month.

    I think you will see some excellent Pre adverts, but Sprint has a lot of ish to fry adn it is only a small part of Sprints message for the next year.

    I think the latest adverting on the plan value is ten times better than the Dan Hesse ads and lays the groundwork Sprint needs for the next year.
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    Don't expect any kind of all-out media blitz for the Pre from Sprint or anyone else. Everyone is expecting people to cut back on their monthly expenses, including high-end smartphones. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see no TV ads at all for these devices. Apple doesn't even do much TV advertising for iPhones. They are advertising the iPod Touch. The cool thing is that people know that the iPhones can do these things, too, if they want to upgrade at the store.
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