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    As the time nears to go post-Garnet, Iíve become enthused to find alternatives to some of the Palm's more specialized programs. Unlike e-mail or backups, some items, such as fuel tracking, I hadnít considered as quite so easy to replace with remote storage. pFuel has been my standard fuel tracker for years. It is a free and fairly flawless tracker for my gas gouging SUV.Admittedly it is a bit long in the tooth, but it works. That is, it works until I get the WebOS Pre later this year.

    Some time searching has netted more current, capable off-device solutions available now. The free alternative Iíve been comfortable using and recommending is Fuelly | Share and Compare Your MPG. The mobile site is M.Fuelly.
    Setup is a breeze. If you additionally want to retain your previous records from pFuel, a little more time and a simple comma separated value export to memos gets you started. Once the csv memo is synched to your PC (one last time before entering the cloud!) it needs to be saved as a text file and then opened in Excel. The columns must be reformatted to comply with Fuellyís upload parameters. I found it fairly straightforward, with a couple formulas needed to convert to miles traveled from odometer reading and price/gallon from total price. A format of one decimal place is required on the odometer column as well. Once the csv file has the columns aligned in odometer,miles,gallons, fuelup_data, price sequence, the upload should be easy.
    Similar to pFuelís stats and graph pages, Fuellyís site instantly shows the average, last, and best MPG as well as your MPG trend.
    Going off-device with Fuelly has further benefits in that you can see how your mileage compares with others. Another pleasant enhancement is that anyone filling up the car can enter data at, regardless of the internet device carried.
    Altogether it is worth moving to the cloud on this one of many utilities previously left in the care of Garnet.
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    I recommend buying a relational database program such as HandBase then making your own custom fuel tracking database. You can also make separate databases for anything else you want to keep track of. The advantage is your data will be portable. You can view it in any relational database program including Access on your PC
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