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    Pre does not seem to provide any visual cues for knowing if there is something more to see on a web page or list if you scroll.

    I noticed that when looking these screenshot comparisons to Access, that has solved this issue quite nicely using a very thin stripe on the side of the screen. Using these you also see your position on the page. They are like sliders, but probably without the sliding function.

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    i'm not sure about the web page but for a list or app list the pre fades the last row of icons are whatever and it also useing small dots/lines for mutli pages
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    Well... an obvious cue that there's more to see is incomplete pics and cut off text or unfinished paragraphs. Plus on familiar sites, such as these forums, you know there are those links at the bottom. And let's not forget when you actually do hit the bottom it does give you a visual cue at that point.

    Sure you don't get an idea of how long the page is and where exactly you are at the moment, but you also have the ability to zoom in and out if it's absolutely necessary. The slider is mostly unnecessary.
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