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    I'm a bit concerned about how easily this phone's internal workings may be damaged in a drop - even a small drop of say 12" onto a hard surface counter top. Specifically, I'm concerned with stability of the gyros that control the screen's automatic vertical/horizontal orientation.

    I know no-one can speak from experience with regard to the Pre yet, but several of you own iPhones - which as everyone knows also sports the same (or very similar) gyro technology. Have you iPhoners ever experienced gyro glitches related to a droped or jarred device?
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    i had both the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G and can say that despite looking pretty fragile, they can take a drop pretty well. can't say so for the screen but the phone itself is pretty sturdy so i don't think this is much of a problem, but that's just a guess.
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    In this video (near the 2 min mark or so) the presenter drops the Pre. It looks like about a 3-4 foot drop to the ground. Nothing seemed to have happened to the phone.

    Like all other devices, I am sure after many numerous drops (especially on hard/concrete floors) the device is bound to get damaged.

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    It's not a gyro per say, but an electronic accelerometer. Ever used a wii remote?

    Those things can fly right through televisions and be good to go.

    That said, don't go dropping your phone. Or at least get the protection plan. :-)
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    You raise a good point based on this schematic of the iPhone:

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