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    Golly gee whiz. And I was so hopeful when I saw the micro SD card and adapter in the photo.
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    I think thats a TouchStone laying next to the MicroSD card.
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    that picture is great
    da Gimp

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    I love how he says OK? after everything.

    And I love the stylus even more! It's bigger than a 700p even LOL!!
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    Kasaki is the name of a 2002 trojan.

    In my experience as a Mod elsewhere there are a lot of Nigerians operating out of the UK. They are primarily interested in your credit card number.

    Here's more info on the phone number:

    Number 07045 753 568 is potentially valid.

    Oftel records show that numbers starting 07045 7 are allocated to Open Telecom International Ltd.. Note that due to number portability if an individual number has moved to a different operator this information is not publically available.
    Oftel's last recorded change for this number range was January 2006 .

    And here's what Open Telecom International Ltd. is in the business of:

    Are you a non-UK resident? Have a UK Virtual Phone Number redirected to your international phone line with absolutely NO cost to you. This is the perfect solution for any business or individual looking to have a UK presence. Find out more...

    Anyone purchasing from this source would best have a certain occupation.
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    now, that's the kind of post you expect from someone w/ a handle "Detective"
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopTongueBarry View Post
    OK, I bit and emailed the guy asking for the total price to purchase 20 Unlocked GSM Palm Pre's including shipping to the USA and with delivery within 3 - 4 business days.

    I'll post his reply in this thread IF he reply's .......
    Since I've seen the pictures and know he's a SCAM, I wasn't in too much of a hurry to check the email account I had given him, however, I finally got around to checking and \/\/0\/\/ , he's throwing in free shipping! Boy, that sure makes me ready to hand over 4 grand to him, how about you?
    Here's his response to my inquiry about purchasing 20 units:

    Thanks for your interest in our company and product.

    We do have the required items in stock.

    They are brand New,100% original, Sealed in Factory Box and comes with
    full accessories and 2 Years International Warranty.

    Provided below is the quotation for the 20 units:
    20 Units of Palm Pre GSM......(20 units x 200 usd)=========$4,000 usd
    Shipping and delivery===============================Free!!

    Please note that free shipping and discounts is available because you are buying up to 20 units and also we shall give to you, 4 units free on every 20 units you buy.

    Shipping and delivery to you is done via FedEx courier service within 72hrs.

    Payment is made via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union Money
    Transfer for samples.

    Thanks for your anticipating patronage.

    Ono Kasaki.

    Message IP Address:61.116.180.*
    Message Origin:Japan
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    it's amazing how bold these people are
    da Gimp

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    Ask for ACTUAL pictures of the Pre. Not some pile of junk that has nothing to do with the Pre. I'd be curious if he can actually send you some photos instead of screenshots from other web sites
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    ^ Actual pics of pre, never happen
    da Gimp

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