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    I've been a palm guy sine my first palm pilot III. But the one feature of my dad's BB I wish I could get on my treo is it's automatic profiles. The BB has a small magnet in it and one in the holster as well. when the phone detcts the holsters magnet it automaticly switches to vibrate, but when the phone is out of the holster (say on the desk, or across the room) it is on regular ring tones. This means no missed calls from forgetting to turn of silent mode.

    What do you think about the pre having this capability? If it could use the magnet from the touchstone back and have another magnet in the slipcase, it's in the silent profile. I would love that feature, especially because I would never put a pre on a holster. But if it is in the slip case in my pocket it would automatically change.

    Any thoughts?
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    Sound like a great "option" to have.
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    I have a curve now and yeah that's a cool feature, but I don't have a holster to put the phone in except for the pouch which I hate. I like the fact that you can customize (to a certain point) every sound the phone can make, both in-holster and out-of-holster but it can get a bit confusing for a lot of people. There's also no vibe then continously ring or vibe and ring feature.

    I have a retired 650 and 700p and actually I miss the sound/vibrate switch and sound setup on Palm OS.

    A great app would be one similar to what they have available for BB's that changes the profile automatically based on the time intervals you set. This would be good for the pre because it could be taken a bit further and utilize the gps to know where you're at and set the phone into whatever mode you want.
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    that would be cool to use the gps as well, but would mean that you have to leave the gps on all th time, which I'm assuming would be a hurge power drain. I agree though, I would be very disapointed if it did not have a ring/vib feature to do both. but I think that the new slip case (ifo it's thin enough) would be good to have the phone in your pocket, and during work hours if in the case the phone vibrates only.
    my problem is that I use the phon then leave it on the desk, go across the room and forget it there and don't hear anything from the next call cause it's on vibrate. Mayb you could also have a profile for when it is actually on the touchstone charger.
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    I was thinking about this today, with the GPS. I use Bluetooth only in my car (interfaces with stereo). I was thinking how wicked cool it would be if...

    The Pre detect motion with it's accelerometer, and then temporarily activated the GPS to check if I was moving over 25 mph.

    If so, it would go into "car mode" and automatically turn on Bluetooth, Turned off wi-fi, until it lost connection to the stereo (end of ride) and then turned off Bluetooth. (GPS would be turned off in car mode, unless map program was running)

    Maybe then it checks GPS to see if I'm by a wifi access point to connect to.

    If the programming was good enough, the point would be to save battery.

    I know, just a crazy phone fantasy. I'm such a nerd.

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