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    Sprint is now advertising for the Palm Pre on their main site. Does this mean that the Pre is coming soon??? A march release is looking to be more and more likely.
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    its about time they started hyping the phone.... the day of ces they should have started (when everybody was gushing over the thing).

    and it cant come soon enough.... my current windows mobile 5 phone is in desperate need of an upgrade.
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    things that make you go...hum????

    im still touting may, late april at best.

    for the instinct i saw advertisements at least two months prior to release.

    i remember sitting there getting ready to watch a talkie at the local theater. and my wife was amazed at the ad and had to have one.
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    its been on the site off and on i dont really think that is a big deal
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    It's been on the site for weeks now. They have rotating images that show up randomly on the main page...the Pre being one of them.
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    What he said!

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