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    I know almost all phones for the Grand Rapids, Mi market are delayed 1-2 months after a Sprint release. I wondered if anyone has heard if IPCS will step up on this release of the Pre?

    May the Pda be with you!!
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    Never saw any delays and I am in GR, MI...

    Bought my 800w online on the sprint site so if you are looking to upgrade it should be available on the sprint site the same time everyone else can get it.

    The 800w was available here the same time it was available everywhere else. Due to the fact Sprint in GR is NOT part of the Sprint/Nextel company there are some differences but release time for the phones has not been one of the differences I have heard about. Again if you get it from the website it doesn't matter when they have it available in the stores...

    I go to the sprint store by 4mile and Alpine and they seem to have the latest stuff the same time everyone else does in the country...


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