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    Good response Krod.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asforme View Post
    Man you went about this all wrong. What you needed to do was say that your friend's sister's boyfriend is a pre advocate and he just got an email that said that the pre was canceled.

    Then you'd be just as accurate as anything else we know about the pre at this point.
    I don't know if that is funny.
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    The thing is from a business standpoint it just doesn't make sense to release the pre to close to the new iphone. Maybe they want to release it after they announce the new Iphone to sort of up end it.
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    In this clip of a financial analyst discussing Palm's stock performance to date, the guy agrees that releasing close to the Apple event is a bad strategy. He makes the point that His Holiness, Steve Jobs, might return "early" that week, which of course will drive the buzz meter up past 11.

    Video -

    Nothing new, just someone in the mainstream making the same general point as some on here.
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    Spoke w/2nd Tier Advanced Tech last night who's in Kentucky & they haven't been given a date to learn the Pre. So I'm thinking it's like when Texas had the Treo Pro out a day earlier than the release of the Treo Pro. So I'm thinking that certain areas will have the Pre before all the others are allowed with the official release which means there are more than 2 release dates hopefully this means -one day before & 2 official release dates. which means as they accumulate enough Pre's to give out & hopefully have extra as the number of recepients inclines. Yes the iphone is an interference but Sprint needs this phone ready & released.
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    Not that I take too much stock (no pun intended) in what financial analysts say, I saw this today which would go against my theory if true:

    But several analysts cautioned that Sprint might not be ready to announce a launch date for the phone when it reports results in the morning of Monday May 4.
    PREVIEW-Boost, Pre give hope for otherwise weak Sprint | Markets | Markets News | Reuters
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    Best Buy limited supply release June 7th?

    Oh yeah, outright price of $999! ($199 with contract, maybe)

    Best Buy to trial launch Palm Pre on June 7th : Boy Genius Report
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    So does that mean that Sprint stores should be getting them considerably sooner than Best Buy, as in 3-4 weeks sooner (which would mean next week)? Wouldn't Sprint want an exclusive 1 month period or so?

    If the launch is June 7 indeed, the Pre will be buried in the headlines with the iphone's launch. It'll be like the movie box office numbers that you can read about every week. If Wolverine had shattered all records, it would just feed the hype machine and increase numbers further. Second place would still be respectable, but would prevent a runaway success story. The Pre's best hope is to gain a viral/cult following that somehow inexplicably explodes into a mainstream phenomenon, like sport of cup-stacking. I continue to think that the Pre requiring a data plan is ignoring the success story of the ipod touch. There are simply a ton of customers who want a smartphone but want the data capabilities when they have wifi, but in the course of their day and trips to the mall and to the grocery store are content to just have a phone. They aren't ready to commit $70 a month yet, so that's what the ipod touch is for. If the Eos doesn't require a dataplan, fine. But if they both do, bad move.
    You have to have a confluence of all the right factors to cause millions of people to fork over $70 a month for 2 years, and I just don't see the Pre being the device that does it. It's an evolutionary iphone, whereas the iphone was almost revolutionary. Millions of people forked over $70/month for the iphone. The Pre won't cause millions more to switch. If anything, these people would rather switch to the "real thing" and get the iphone because they had never seen anything like it (in their minds) and because of Apple's cool quotient. Remember, Palm has none of these things: no context of being cool and the Pre does remind people of the iPhone. If I were Palm, my strategy to support a fledgling OS would be to flood the market with as many of these devices as possible. That's how Palm will make its money. They should have insisted that Sprint not require a data plan or made a phoneless Pre.
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    Ok, I'll bite first, whats a pre "trial launch"?
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    $1000 outright price !
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    "'Form follows function' — that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
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    Huh?! The ipod touch isn't a phone. I'm lost. So guys will Sprint stores surely get the Pre before bestbuys?
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    $999? do i get a "happy ending" with that at least?
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    Just remember to put on a screen protector, I'm saving $350 for this phone, can't imagine it being higher for me (due for an upgrade)
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    That would be ridiculous. $1,000 outright? C'mon, seriously. And having a different price for new subscribers vs. upgrade-eligible customers is stupid as well.
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    Come to think of it, I do recall instances in the past when pre-launch numbers in the Best Buy system were just placeholders. I really really really doubt it's going to be $1000 sans contract.
    "'Form follows function' — that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
    Frank Lloyd Wright
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    Trial launch?!?! Maybe it isa trial to see how well they will sell at BB vs a Sprint store. If that is the case I hope it goes well. I bought my Instinct from a BB store and did not have to deal with any rebate crap. The price on Sprint's site after mail-in-rebate is the price I paid before taxes at Best Buy. I really hope that will be the same for the Pre. I will still order one from them directly as soon as possible and pickup the other from BB if I can get there early enough. I wonder if they will have a Pre-Pre Order promotion?
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    Yikes, dude! Let's hope those prices are wrong. I need it at a student-friendly price.
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    Engadget says Best Buy frequently has its pricing wrong ahead of launch

    Best Buy Mobile to get some Pre stock on June 7th?

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