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    Developing Applications for webOS: a Preview

    Presented by Mitch Allen, vice president and software chief technology officer, Palm, Inc.

    In this live, online event, Mitch Allen, Palm's Software CTO and a member of the Palm webOS(tm) design team, will recap the material included in the introductory chapter of "Palm webOS: Developing Applications in JavaScript Using the Palm Mojo(tm) Framework," a joint collaboration announced this week by Palm and O'Reilly, and will give you a preview into application development with the Mojo SDK. This is a great opportunity to hear an insider's perspective on webOS development and get a glimpse into the development environment and toolset for this breakthrough mobile web platform.
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    Hopefully they make this available for download for those of us that can't make either of the times.
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    Register for it and they'll record it and give you a link after.

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