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    obviously BB os is dated. But really, all it needs is a better browser to stay competitive.

    Its email solution is the most advanced/easiest to use bar none. It is setup through the cell phone you don't have to sync with a desktop ever if you dont want to. Not everyone has exchange and honestly most consumers wouldn't even know how to setup third party software to push mail to their devices.

    BES pricing is expensive but BIS for normal consumers is not, especially if you have sprint since it is included at no additional charge.

    I do love the looks and functionality of the Pre and I honestly do want to try it since i'm sick of my blackberry, but it needs to be able to work with ALL my email (work, school,aim,hotmail,gmail etc..) not just the few partnered in synergy.

    Also Blackberry's (other than the new 8900 which had an iffy start) are known for their great battery life. My treo sucked the battery dry each day doing minimal tasks. my blackberry on the other hand can go 3-4 days without a charge with the same useage. this is my only other concern!
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    The best reason?

    1.) You're not wasting money on an overpriced "exclusive" service plan on AT&T.

    I know Palm could benefit from availability with the largest GSM/UMTS carrier in the US, but for Sprint's sake (and bragging rights), I sincerely hope ATT is locked out of this handset for a good year or more.
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    me too i love sprint. why pay more for less?
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    No offense, but what your (or my) treo did in the past has little bearing on the Pre. Different animals.

    To be honest, i'm looking at palm with fresh eyes as far as webOS and the Pre is concerned because i'm willing to concede they just have different people running it and a system they pretty much control now. And after the CES intro and they're willingness to adopt what works from competitors... Now all bets are off if they start stumbling some more but i don't mean bugs..i expect them..i mean colossal bunders

    As for BB and its email. I've never used a BB. But i'm not sure what you mean. Setting up email isn't hard on any device i've used, mainly palm treo/centro and iphone. IMAP or pop is sufficient for me.

    You point out that it needs to work with all your email and list work, school, aim, hotmail, gmail. That just begs the many email addresses do most use? Beyond work, school, and personal, i don't see it and many won't use that much.

    But maybe i need educating. Or this can be a separate thread. How do you handle email? I've heard some just create several gmail accounts just to separate stuff. Or they autoforward their comcast email (or whatever they use) to gmail and just read gmail. I did that just to have a backup but have since quit using comcast email. I also use outlook to display it and pull from gmail.

    What's BB really do that makes email any different? I'm just curious. With gmail, i never had to sync the iphone or palms with a desktop either.
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