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    I'm currently following all Twitter updates of the Pre. Makes me wish I was there in Barcelona. Just saw this update:

    nguyen: Hanging out at Palm's private lounge for 9am briefing. TwitPic - Share photos on twitter
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    yea, i know how u feel. Anyone know what the full schedule is for Palm announcements? Whats the 9am briefing about?
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    This site reports that they have the first interview at 9 10 minutes.

    Palm Pre at MWC 2009: Pre Community waiting for the Pre | Pre Community
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    More GSM Pre proof:

    TwitPic - Share photos on twitter

    From the above mentioned Twitter / nguyen
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    Apparently the GSM Pre will not be announced at the MWC.

    GSM Palm Pre on Vodafone at MWC09*|*Pre Community

    The SIM is visible when the battery is removed in the video.
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    Did people confirm that the Pre is using the centro battery when they opened it up?

    Is palm going to have some kind of big presentation this week? Sounds like we've got very limited info so far. Still hoping they make their big announcement for a release date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoKing View Post
    The guy talking says "umm" way to many times.
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    Yeah...he did say that one too many least he didn't speak spanish!
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    IMHO of all of the videos I've seen, this was the worse- sound quality, picture & content not to mention the presenter.
    I'm referring to the video starring the "umm guy".
    Good Luck
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    OH I wish I hadn't clicked on Noah's page from Phonedog. That damn HTC Touch Pro 2 looks KILLER. Basically the same but with the upgrades that I was hoping for (more responsive, TILTED KEYBOARD, etc.). And it has threaded text. Mmhhmm.....
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    "um" and "auh" galore!

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