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    One from China get the Pre on hand (maybe he work for Palm or 3rd for Pre?)

    As he said :
    GSM version will annon. soon. ( Vodafon)
    Pre is good to visit internet.
    Pre's battery just soso .
    no Chinese support yet, but he get ROOT right and install some files to make Pre show Chinese.

    Chines input not more information yet.

    He upload some pictures but the one show Chinese be deleted soon.

    more details can be found here

    you can read the thread through Google translation..

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    Ahh, does that mean we are officially in the "blurry leaked pics" phase?
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    Getting root permissions manually sounds like a good sign for being able to get native Linux stuff running on it/ "jailbreaking" it.
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    I love reading automatic translations!! Hilarious!!
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    1)not support chinese,but can install chinese font via linux
    2)use it for internet video/music ....battery only work half day
    3)surfing better than iphone
    4)drop the phone on floor and battery and cover out..... it still working well
    5)sometime can't use one finger to do all operation....
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    Battery only works half day? Ugh, that won't work for me at all....
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    Quote Originally Posted by WizardHowl View Post
    Battery only works half day? Ugh, that won't work for me at all....
    Keep in mind he's saying half a day when using it for internet video and music. Normal daily use probably won't be so strenuous on the battery.
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    And I am guess that the battery life also depends on just how connected you are to the internet, meaning...the more stuff you got updating all the time the more power is going to be needed. I am still not clear if you are always signed in with Facebook, Gmail, IM apps, and so on, and if you can adjust the frequency of updates and so on.... what I am trying to say is, the larger your internet presence, and the higher the frequency of updates, the shorter your battery life. Like the stuff that demonstrated in the video about it knowing where you are and when you're supposed to be there, if that's not enabled, then the phone won't have to make frequent calls to the GPS, meaning less power consumption.

    I am a real wordy
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    It all sounds very realistic.

    great for internet: duh.
    Mediocre battery life: what we all expected regardless of our hopes
    hackable: Palm said they would be fairly open so this is good news
    GSM version soon: many expect an announcement this week
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    Quote Originally Posted by WizardHowl View Post
    Battery only works half day? Ugh, that won't work for me at all....
    can u get a 2nd battery??
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    Wait a min here.
    If everything is via "cloud" and if you use the "internet" the pre can survive only half a day on a full charge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviator View Post
    Wait a min here.
    If everything is via "cloud" and if you use the "internet" the pre can survive only half a day on a full charge?

    A few KB every few minutes for the amount of data that would actually be syncing is a lot different from streaming Internet video and music.
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    Root is good, root is very good. From there it shouldn't be too hard to build native commands, but tapping into the UI might be another matter...
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    I wish someone would leak the radio specs in the GSM model (Vodafon is a good bet given the history if I recall correctly) There's probably a bunch of us that would like to get a US set of 3G bands in a unlockable Pre from overseas.
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    What's "half a day"? 4 hours? 6 hours? 12 hours?
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    I have a Sprint Touch (not the diamond) with a 2000 mha battery in it. If I go surfing a lot, have AIM and Yahoo running, and play a few games, I can't even make it through a day. As a side note, the Touch came with a 1100 battery. The big killer is of course navigation. I use my phone a lot, and Opera Mobile 9.5 is a real battery killer. I'd love to know how the new cpu in the Pre compares with the old 400 mhz version in the Touch as far as power consumption goes.

    I already know that I might need a second battery, or at least always have a car charger with me, because I am used to it from my touch.

    I don't think Windows Mobile is the most power friendly operating system, if webos is optimized for low power consumption, then I am guessing a Pre with standard battery should give me the same results as my Touch with the bigger battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captweez View Post
    What's "half a day"? 4 hours? 6 hours? 12 hours?
    My question me half a day means 12 hours. which is a lot longer than my 755p would last me if I was that active with it.
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    Ahem.. if I may assist in the translation for more in depth feel of what they're saying... the original Chinese post stated that:

    1. Battery is average. If you're surfing the web, using Video, listening to music there's no way it'll last beyond half a day. If you're only messaging, it is estimated that it is enough, the screen uses too much juice. The standby time for the phone is long enough.

    2. Web surfing is smooth.. Stronger than iPhone because you can open many pages. Have not heard any plans about Chinese input. GSM should be working with Vodafone soon.

    3. Chinese display is easy to solve. Problem is in the input method... Build quality is very good. Dropped it on cement and the battery cover and battery flew out. Put everything back in and no problem. BTW, there is curvature to the screen.
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    Excarior Thank you so much for the in-depth translation! Love it!

    Do us a favor and give Navyyang a HUGE thank you from our community. It was very good of him to come to our site and give us the latest news on the Pre.

    Thank you again for the complete translation!

    (Goat is happy... VERY happy)
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    Not too worried about the battery. No one has any idea if he had bluetooth on or what his screen brightness was at. I keep BT off and brightness at like 25%.
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