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    At CES Ed Colligan correctly noted that Palm has a long history of innovation. And Palm was there "in the beginning". The Palm Pre is an absolutely gorgeous, consumer, business device. A great achievement. But before deciding to buy some Palm stock I emailed Palm's investor relations person and asked for a list of who was on the senior management team and how long each person had been with the company. My impression was that Palm had turned over a new leaf and part of the new leaf-turning was bringing on people who know what they are doing, including many former Apple people.

    Here's the list I received.

    Hire Date
    06/10/1993 Colligan Edward President & CEO
    10/24/2007 Rubinstein Jonathan Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors
    01/06/1992 Hawkins Jeffrey Founder and Member of the Executive Team

    04/17/2008 Abbott Michael SVP Applications Software & Services
    12/17/2007 Bell Michael SVP Product Development
    07/28/2008 Devine Jeffrey SVP Operations
    04/21/2003 Doyle Mary SVP General Counsel & Secretary
    12/29/2008 Jeffries Douglas SVP & Chief Financial Officer
    11/27/2006 Keast Brodie SVP Marketing
    08/30/2005 Lane Rena SVP Human Resources
    05/05/2008 Ting Way SVP Systems Software
    01/02/2009 Whalen David SVP World Wide Sales

    Since receiving this email Palm has added some more top notch people.

    Palm is not only back; it is getting ready to release the best smartphone in the world.

    It's a new day at Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visor To Pre View Post
    It's a new day at Palm.
    Either that or desperate times with too many of the dinosaurs that got them into this "do-or-die" situation still in leadership positions. They are a long way from being able to declare victory.
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    hope so..........
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    cant remember who it was but someone who once worked with Palm said...

    Palm OS is dead. Palm as we knew it is dead. The company who created the Pre is a great company that happened to be named Palm.

    In some respect this is true. It seems like Palm of old is gone, a new age of Palm begins. It's more Rubenstein's company now than Hawkins.

    I hope they maintain Jeff Hawkins basic engineering concepts of ease of use, instant on, competing with pen and paper.

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