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    Canadien partners not big enough for this kind of spike. Could something be happening today?
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    Who knows...I for one am sick of looking at every little thing that happens now..hoping that some news about the pre comes out. no offense intended.
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    Probably has to do with this and nothing else:
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    Maybe because of the announcement that Palm is jettisoning PalmOS for webOS? I kind of thought that was a given, but you never can tell what the Market is aware of, or when.
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    it's related to the pre excitment, nothing more.

    Palm stock has been batered for a long time, and righfully so. Weak products, losing money, will do that.

    In such a bad market, investors see something good and are running there, that's all
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    If something big where to happen soon, then Sprint stock would jump at the same least that would make sense to me. For the most part, Sprint and Palm stock have been more or less in synch for the last month, although Palms jumped way higher after CES than Sprint did.
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    Actually this is pretty much Palm's stuck just bouncing back to where it was 3 days ago. Its been around 8-8.5 for the past few weeks after the announcement, with small daily fluctuations.
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    I wonder what the ceiling is? Assuming they have a huge hit..a la the Centro
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    Really disappointing, I doubt I'll wait another whole year, I've had poor coverage and performance with Sprint, so that's not an option. Guess I'll have to weigh options, really wanted the Pre to replace my 680. Oh well...

    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    Probably has to do with this and nothing else:
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    Earlier I posted that something must be up since Palm stock was up 7% today. At 3:00 it shot up another 10%

    Somethings up
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    Why didn't you post in that same thread?
    Just sayin...
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    Samsung not getting its Android phone out as early as expected could be one factor.
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    We got nutty investors out there. I stopped trying to make sense of them long ago. Sometimes you go with your gut, like the time i bought a bunch of palm when they were on fumes.

    I'm a cpa..i can read financial stmts and yep, i know the sky was falling for palm. But i do what i can to avoid those who insist its falling every day (sucks to avoid my And a lot of these investor sites or blogs i can't stand.

    Reading numbers is easy but applying common sense is the hard part.
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    Hmmmm... A bit odd if you ask me. We'll see.
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    I think it will continue to climb as more and more investors anticipate the release date. It's a great time to buy early in case it peaks soon. All the release date rumors perhaps spread the word - who knows? Even though it wont be released on those rumored dates - just the simple anticipation lets people know that they have a high demand product. So buy in now - let your money ride this market spike - because it's obvious there's not much else out there in the market (aside from Apple?) that has an upward trend
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    I sold my apple stock before the 3g one was released. Can't help but feel apple peaked already.
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    The stock is up today because of the remarks that Collangan made yesterday reassuring investors that an Apple lawsuit is not a worry.
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    What a day!

    Open: 7.78
    High: 9.28
    Low: 7.76

    A new 52-week high. Keep going up baby!
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    Just squeezing the shorts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by detective View Post
    Just squeezing the shorts.
    most likely
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