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    Don't agree at all. Of the 15 million iPhone owners, I wonder what percent of people really want this feature.
    25 million
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    Perhaps they have the desire, but not the knowledge how to go about doing this. Personally, I have never considered jailbreaking. Give me copy and paste, and multi-tasking and I am good.
    If it weren't for the restrictions on iPhone developers, someone could have already provided copy and paste. The ability to install applications from any source is a huge plus for the Pre. Many corporate applications wouldn't need lower level access, as they tend to be database access sorts of things. Think about writing an application to connect to your corporate customer database. This can be done currently on Palm OS, and it can be done on Windows Mobile, but not the iPhone. Coupled with the fact that it would be easy to develop for the Pre, I think this has the potential to be a big corporate selling point for the Pre.

    From the developer side, it allows developers to get started without uncertainty as to whether their app will be approved. There are numerous stories about worthy apps for the iPhone that have been hanging in limbo for a long time. All that time, the developer's investment is going unrewarded. This is now guaranteed not to happen with the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    So, people complain about limitations put on iPhone developers, but most likely the more advanced Pre apps will be written with low level OS access that Palm will probably only give a select few access. To me, this is a little hypocritical.
    Neither form of limitation is particularly great IMO.

    The developers of the iPhone app 'Free Memory' say they have been told by Apple to remove the display of the battery %: (iTunes link)

    That IMO is control freakery gone mad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aero View Post
    25 million
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    I dont think you will see better apps written in html.
    do not under estimate the power of html5 + javaScript + aJax.

    most of the "useful" sites out there that we use day in day out(google calendar, facebook, amazon, BofA, chase, AE, netflix, etc) are written in html + javaScript + aJax.

    the best way to think of the Pre is that it's a "web server" in your hand. it'll take very minimal effort for developers to port the existing web sites/apps to Pre. that's the benefit...
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    Just to get back to the original topic....

    I think it really will get boring once the actual release date has been revealed,....and it's some time in June. Then all the exciting, and frustrating, speculations about the release date will be gone, and all we have left to talk about is that Sprint won't mess up the Apps that will be included with the phone.

    If they include all the stuff that comes with a Touch Diamond or Touch Pro, I'd be pretty happy already, those would include YouTube, Sprint Navi, Sprint TV. Since they said the App Market will be open when the phone is released, you'd hope that the SDK will be released just prior to launch, so hopefully there will be some other nice apps available as soon as I get my anxious hands on the Pre.

    And for gods sake.... I hope App Market prices will be along the lines of the iPhones App Store prices, because prices for apps for my current phone, a Sprint Touch, are horrendous in the Windows Mobile world. Games cost 30 bucks....hell just about everything is between 20 and 30 dollars....waaaaaay too much in my opinion. It's funny when you see some guy come out with a contacts application that works and looks great and is free, and then a company comes out with a slightly prettier version with a tad more functionality, and has the balls to charge more than 10 bucks for it....and the initial beta release of it is not only late but full of significant bugs....yeah...sorry, I am getting carried away here, just trying to make the point that the App Market better have reasonable prices...anything going into the double digits is crossing the pain threshold for me!
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