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    Since they are delaying this yet you think they will honor an exchange for a PRE after 30 days since the phone hasn't even been out yet and wasn't suppose to be sold but best buy did sell it?
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    Call Palm and tell them that you read that there was a recall on the STP, you read somewhere that the STP wasn't even supposed to be sold to you from BB.
    For me, If I had only had my BB STP for less than 30 days, I'd take it back for a refund right now.

    That's what I would do.
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    ya but this is my primary phone and i like it id rather keep it till the pre comes out and know i can still do an exchange
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    Pretty risky to keep it past 30days.
    Call palm and tell them BB sold it, and ask them what if BB won't honor a return past the 30 days.

    I'm curious, how's it working for you?
    Would you mind giving a quick review, or did you already post that somewhere?
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    yea its in the pro threads but its cool ill say it again here....
    I came from a 800w so my comparison will be towards it...
    PROS: look, feel, picture mail, htc device feel and apps, you tube, kinoma Free play, the battery life difference is a HUGE plus, design

    CONS: IE is weird as hell it has a mouse cursor, its gay, the htc text application. If you have a new text and your in the message you have to scroll over it or it still shows as a new message, totally annoying. On vibrate mode if you get a text it just constantly vibrates, paint on the phone is shiny SUPER finger print prone and gets scuffed scratched easily, no SAVED folder in messages, if you save messages in drafts and restart your phone it resends the message automatically which is stupid and basically means no way to save...other little bugs where the messages hard button and on screen just completely dont work unless you do a soft reset or turn phone radio on and off...

    My biggest gripe is HTC's stupid messaging app its horrible compared to PALM, good only in the way that you can send one text to unlimited people vs 10 20, but horrible cause you never know how many messages are in your boxes, you cant save, no emoticons, and what not..

    The box is super nice its the same packaging as the new pre and looks super nice and compact

    The keyboard is one thing people are totally misunderstanding and keep calling it a centro keyboard...I want to clarify this...YES the material is the same the plastic clear keys however the SIZE and closeness in letters is WAY difference than centro, its decently easy to type on going from a 800w very few mistakes...this is considering i returned the centro in two days lol

    Feel free to ask any other questions....I just want to use this phone till the pre comes out but I have a very STRONG feeling now that pre is coming by next month or april at most...
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    Sorry, I didn't realize we were in the Pre section.

    I'll go find your comments in the Pro section.

    I love my GSM Treo Pro.

    Thanks for the quick review.

    I hope things workout with the return/exchange for Pre.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I also have the Pro.Actually gave it to my
    wife to use.I got it from Best Buy also and activated it on Sprint with no problems.FYI you have 45 days to return if you are a Silver Reward Zones
    member.There is also no 15% restocking fee on anything that you buy that might have that sticker on it,i.e. laptops,cameras,gps etc.

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