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    I came across this free service that I started using and thought I'll share, because there are lots of people here that are as "hungry" as me for every little tidbit of news about the pre, so I'm following like news on all sites (6 or 7) and instead of having to go thru each site to see if there are any new postings every hour or so, i use this:
    It sends you a text if something new is posted on those sites you are following right away, so you know where to go and read it right away, because every little bit of news of the Pre, is good for our health....

    BTW I'm not affiliated with them, saw it in mobility magazine this month...
    If anyone has a better idea, please share
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    Most sites these days use twitter to post their updates too -- the nice thing there is you can get them via SMS AND you can use it to interact with the site.

    we're up on it too, naturally:

    Twitter / precentral
    Twitter / treocentral

    ...and by "we" I mean "me." Our posts go up automatically and I chat on it too via those accounts, but I'm not set up for instant sms on them, so I might not respond super quickly.

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