View Poll Results: Will You Switch to Sprint for the Palm Pre?

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  • I will switch to Sprint

    15 12.20%
  • I will wait for Verizon

    8 6.50%
  • I will wait for Unlocked GSM

    17 13.82%
  • I will wait for Att

    8 6.50%
  • I will wait for T-Mo

    0 0%
  • I Prolly won't ever Get a Pre

    3 2.44%
  • I'm already with Sprint

    72 58.54%
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    That is what Kevin Tofel is asking from jkontherun. 52% of the people are unlikely to switch. What are you doing?

    Read the story:
    jkOnTheRun Blog Archive 52% Unlikely to Switch to Sprint for the Palm Pre

    Link to the poll:
    jkOnTheRun Blog Archive Will You Switch to Sprint for the Palm Pre?
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    Welcome to TC!

    Want a Poll here also?

    I won't be switching.
    Just call me Berd.
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    already on sprint sero plan but am planning on having to upgrade to a real plan to get the pre.
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    I might leave sprint and resign unless they can do better than $75 off for me. I'll take a new number if I can get new subscriber prices.
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    I would switch if I didnt have Sprint, but I already do so I am renewing for 2 more years.
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    I'm a happy Verizon customer. No, I'm not switching.

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    Many of the people I know who were on Sprint have moved to VZ for biz purposes, and to ATT for the iPhone.

    I don't think the biz peeps would move back and it may be too soon for the iPhone peeps to come back.

    I am on Sprint and will consider the Pre.

    Good Luck
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    I've been satisfied with ATT for the past 6 years but if the pre is everything they're saying its going to be then i will make the switch. I'm not a fan of the iphone and i'm looking for something that is a step forward in the cell phone market, it looks like it will be the Pre. One question though how is sprint service overall? That is the only thing making me think twice about the pre.
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    It's funny. I've heard all the negative Sprint talk before I was using them. I was forced to use them through work, but couldn't complain since they foot the bill. At least in the Philly area I haven't had any coverage issues, at least any that the other companies don't have as well (Verizon or AT&T). Customer service hasn't been much of an issue, and I've had quite a few moments with lost or broken phones and switching out with new phones or temporarily with old phones. Maybe I'm the exception to the rule, but I manage an account of about 10 or so phones, and I think I've heard two complaints over the past three years with some phone issues. And most of those were Treo 700 related where I'm sure everyone and their brother was bugging customer service, and they just weren't owning up to the problems for a bit.

    If you're not on Sprint, you'll most likely save money compared to similar plans from AT&T and Verizon. Coverage wise, I've traveled quite a bit and have only had one or two instances where an AT&T phone had reception, and I didn't. But I did have a few instances where that was reversed.

    So I think coverage tends to be a wash. The plan costs are a plus. And customer service can be a wash to a negative. But I hear plenty of negative stories about AT&T and Verizon so I always wonder why Sprint gets such a bad rep. A lot of it seems more based on what people hear rather than their own experiences.

    In regards to the plans. SE plans including pretty much everything from navigation to texting Seems like a good deal. With the Pre's capabilities, using it for Nav is a much more attractive option than before especially when you're tying it in with the Pre's intuitive side for getting to meetings and such on time. You get 100+ music channels along with 20+ tv channels to listen to and watch. Much more attractive on the Pre than on the Centro or other Palm phones. Also better with Rev A service too.

    Definitely not a kool-aid drinker for them. I like the simplicity of GSM, sim cards and world phone capabilities. So if you took service costs out of the picture, I'd be with AT&T if I had my druthers.
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    i;m a sprint costimer .. .don;t do it

    wait for a unlocked GSM or Verizon verison. it will come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Welcome to TC!

    Want a Poll here also?

    I won't be switching.
    Here's what I'm thinking for a poll here at TC

    I will switch to Sprint.
    I will wait for Verizon.
    I will wait for Unlocked GSM
    I will wait for Att
    I will wait for T-Mo
    Just call me Berd.
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    I have been with Sprint for over 9 years and the only time they made me mad was when they would not give me something for free! I have a 3 line family plan and they have always been good about replying to my requests and taking care of problems. Do they make mistakes? Sure - but all carriers do. I just tried VZW (a Storm) and ATT (iPhone) and both ended up going back. Moving to either would have increased my monthly cost by $50. I just could not justify that expense for a "cool" phone. And ATT's service was bad for me and the darn coverage map said I should have been saturated in 3G.

    Anyway, as I said above, Sprint's cell service and CS is improving and I am waiting on the Pre - and then the new HTC devices later this year. I am a happy customer.
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    I'm going to wait and see how long it takes VZW to get the Pre. Hope Sprint only has 3 month exclusive deal, but i'm thinking it will be at least 6 months.
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    Sprint coverage is good in most area I travel (LA to FL) except the panhandle of FL.
    Their CS via phone needs some upgrading. I deal w/them via email except for tech sup but hadn't needed that in along time.
    Good Luck
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    I've been with Sprint for years, and while cust service might have been bad in the past has certainly improved. And it's never seemed to be any worse than other customer service experience's I've had.

    I'm currently using the 755P which doesn't take advantage of their 3G network :-( But I tried the 800W (and subsequently returned it in the 30 day time frame) and during that time I was literally stunned by 3G speeds. I'm anxiously waiting on the Pre!
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    Att gives me the Best reception at my House.
    Unlocked or Att for me.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I've been with Sprint for nearly 11 years, and I'm completely satisfied these days. I've gotten excellent customer service, and great coverage almost everywhere.
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    Been with Tmobile for 5 years now and the only way I know about the Pre is because I was researching new carriers to go with since T-Mobiles phone line up absolutely sucks. Not a single phone I am interested except for the G1 and that doesn't really do it for me either. Through my work i get 23% off my monthly service plan so I can get the SE 450 minute plan for about $54 a month plus taxes and fees. Not bad at all. Do 3 months on the $100 SE plan, get premier and then downgrade to the 450 and a new phone every 12 months. I like to get a new phone when I want to, not waiting 2 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidJ View Post
    I'm currently using the 755P which doesn't take advantage of their 3G network :-( But I tried the 800W (and subsequently returned it in the 30 day time frame) and during that time I was literally stunned by 3G speeds. I'm anxiously waiting on the Pre!
    Umm, thats not possible unless you dont have a data plan at all or live outside the 3G area. THe 755p has EV-DO (I have the 700p, and my gf has the 755p).

    I have been with Sprint for 5+ years and I admit, it has been a rocky road with CS! Because of their spotty CS, I have a discounted plan (not SERO, but the new SE plans are pretty nice)! But NOTHING beats their data/SMS plans IMO! I live in NE Fla and the coverage is no worse than Verizon's.
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    Sidenote, threadjack. I have counted 3 active posters in J-ville. Woot!
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